Blair Hills One of the Hidden Oasis of Los Angeles

Located west of Kenneth Hahn Park, west of La Cienega Boulevard and south of Rodeo Road and Jefferson Blvd, this area was part of the Rancho de Los Bueyes Land Grant. The hillside was the home of old ranches that was once lived in by Will Rogers family, the Carl Pitti family, Charles Wright, and the Hetzler family.

Prior to WWII, some lots were carved out of the upper hill for home sites. When the war began, these lots were left as they were. In the early 1950’s, a developer, Stone & Stone, purchased the lower area of the hill from La Cienega west and proceeded to develop plans for a community of single family homes.
They originally applied to Los Angeles for annexation. However, as luck would have it, Los Angeles had a moratorium on sewer connections at that time, so the builder applied to Culver City. The development was accepted and that’s how Blair Hills became part of Culver City, despite the fact that there were then no contiguous boundaries with the City itself. The project was started on what is now Vicstone Court, proceeded up the western side of Lenawee Avenue around to Wrightcrest as the main access street into the area from La Cienega Boulevard Two additional streets, then called Girthview (now Blairstone) and Stoneview Drive were constructed.

The development was a country, rural environment in the midst of a big city urban surrounding. We enjoyed the ambience of hiking in the hills, jack rabbits, snakes, birds, and other small critters. Most of the new homeowners were young families with babies and young children, much like a small town. At a neighborhood meeting, the residents voted to form a non-profit neighborhood association. Our attorney neighbors compiled a charter application to the State of California with signatures of 81 charter members. The charter was issued on Dec. 5, 1958. The name for the neighborhood, Blair Hills, was voted in, and Officers and a Board of Directors were elected. By-laws were prepared and the Blair Hills Association was ready for action. Their purpose were to promote the general welfare of the Blair Hills community; to promote, advance, and to protect the interests of the property owners of Blair Hills and adjacent areas; to encourage and promote cooperation, fellowship, better relations and good will among the persons residing in Blair Hills and adjacent areas; to aid in the development of good government; to gather information and evaluate same, and to disseminate accurate information regarding proposed legislation, candidates, and administrative actions deemed conducive to the well-being of the Blair Hills neighborhood.

Blair Hills has many community activities; a very close-knit community in our little corner of the city. We advanced our cultural and civic activities with community forums, meet the candidate nights, and annual July 4th Picnics and Games. We had two dinner-dances each year for the adults at nearby establishments. The close friendships and extended family ties developed through the years have continued for years, spreading to the next generation. A great reunion picnic brought over 500 people together in our Park.
Many families who are original owners or second owners of the homes are still residing here and enjoying the diversity of good neighbors living in friendship and neighborliness. Young families have moved into the neighborhood and the cycle continues.

This small hilly neighborhood of Culver City, with a population density of 3000 remains one of Los Angeles County’s Hidden Oasis.