Baldwin Hills Estates- One of the Hidden Oasis Of Los Angeles

Located in the western part of Los Angeles County, the Baldwin Hills encompasses several neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles, parts of Culver City including Blair Hills, unincorporated areas of Ladera Heights, Windsor Hills, and View Park, and parts of Inglewood. Baldwin Hills is a community and neighborhood precisely in the middle of Los Angeles, within southwestern Los Angeles County, California. Baldwin Hills is in their namesake Baldwin Hills range overlooking the Los Angeles Basin and the lower plain immediately to the north.

Baldwin Hills that the tight knit neighborhood is bordered on the southeast by Los Angeles’ Leimert Park neighborhood, on the south by View Park-Windsor Hills, on the west by Culver City, on the north by the Los Angeles Mid-City district, and on the east by the Crenshaw district. Baldwin Hills starts at Martin Luther King Blvd. going up to the base of the hills of Baldwin Hills Estates (an area nicknamed “The Dons” for the twenty nine streets beginning with the Spanish honored title), winding streets with “modernistic” homes, spectacular and panoramic views of the city, and such names as “Don Luis”, “Don Felipe”, Don Milagro Drive, etc. The area is characterized by hillside houses with swimming pools, and some condominiums (the latter often jut out from steep hillsides, perched on stilts and pylons).

Baldwin Hills is an upper middle class hillside neighborhood that unlike other hillside communities like the Hollywood Hills, which are part of a single mountain range that bi-sects the entire city, Baldwin Hills sits alone, towering on a series of hills overlooking the entire Los Angeles basin.

The custom housing tract, begun in 1953, was developed by the grandchildren of Lucky Baldwin with Home Savings and Loans. The now-defunct bank held all of the mortgages and was responsible for creating one of the first HOA’s in the country — not only to keep the look of the modern neighborhood intact, but also to give its residents more clout in the City. The original residents were mostly doctors, which bestowed the moniker of “Pill Hill” to the affluent neighborhood.

Baldwin Hills has gone through many permutations over the decades, and has been the site of some of the most significant events in the city’s recent history, having since the 1930s hosted an Olympics, as well as many well know celebrities who has and have call it home.

As beautiful as the hills look in the distance, the sad fact is that it often gets stereotyped of having a predominantly African American population means many Angelenos never bother to explore the area, dismissing it. Never has such a generalization been more unfair than here, in a community so economically and socially diverse as to defy classification. It still remains one of the best real estate investment values that one can make for all that it offers.

Through it all Baldwin Hills has continued to endure, and today is a tight-knit enclave determined to preserve its past while looking boldly towards its future and remaining one of the “Hidden Oasis” of Los Angeles.


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